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Hello all,
What an excellent little company this is. Beautiful facility, clean spacious bathrooms, caring funny and low key staff. We spent the afternoon there yesterday, August 2nd. We took out three duckies, one of which our ten year old used and two others were in the raft. Ian was our talented guide.  But honestly,every guide was terrific and engaged.  They behaved as if we were the first guests they ever had.  Amazing.  Patient!  I can imagine it is less than ideal to have newbies out in kayaks on the river, yet your guides are amazingly patient and encouraging. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Last but not least, the pictures you took were incredible! So glad we invested in that take home momento.
We will be back, God willing.

Rafting for RiverLink

Sunday June 25Go on a fun rafting trip, eat good food, enjoy wonderful old time music, and support RiverLink all in one event!

Our Tenth Year!

Our tenth year! Wow! How did that happen?

Fall for Rafting in Autumn

The Autumn season has officially started! Now is a great time to go rafting. The air and water are still warm and the trips are smaller and more intimate.

A Woman from France?

The French Broad River. Where does that name come from? And no, it has nothing to do with a woman of French heritage and dubious morals. Typically rivers and streams here in the southern Appalachians are small, fast, and cold. When several…

The Great Flood of 1916

We’re coming up on the 100 year anniversary of the biggest natural disaster to hit western North Carolina in recorded history. The flood of 1916 brought widespread destruction to the area. It is still talked about by the “old timers” with a…

Some People Live Here, Most People Don't

Most of our rafting trips start in the community of Barnard North Carolina. Barnard is quiet now and we like to say "some people live hear, but most people don't", but 150 years ago there was a lot of activity and commerce going on in…

Why the Name: Blue Heron Whitewater

It's a fairly common question we get: How did you come up with "Blue Heron Whitewater"? It took us a while to settle on a name, and there was much consultation and many many meetings before we settled on Blue Heron Whitewater. There was one…

Celebrate Wilma Dykeman

Tomorrow (5-20) is Wilma Dykeman’s birthday. Who is Wilma Dykeman you ask. She was an author and a woman ahead of her time. She wrote a book called: “The French Broad” in 1955 which promoted the idea that a clean river would be good for the…

2016 Season is Up and Running

We didn't have any trips in January or February this year but the weather turned WARM in March and we're having great fun with great people and beautiful weather.

What to Wear?

What to wear? What to wear?Going rafting? One big question is what to wear. Well it depends (not recommended). Time of year. Type of boat. Personal preferences.

It is Ducky Time on the French Broad

It is Ducky Time on the French Broad!What are these ducks you speak of? Ducks are inflatable kayaks. Also known as IKs, sport yaks, fun yaks and who knows what else. What they are is FUN! FUN! FUN!

Farm to Raft Trip

We love super fresh and super local vegies. To that end, we have planted some tomatoes and cucumbers in an old canoe. Can't wait to harvest some delicious produce and use it with our trip lunches.

Rafting in November

Yes we're still rafting. The colors are still rich and vibrant and although we got snow on Nov 1 this year, that is very unusual. The weather for the trip we had on Nov. 4 is more typical. Sunny with highs in the sixtys.

Fall River Trips

Float down the French Broad River with us this Fall. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and earthy smells of Autumn. We are open through October and into November.

Sandy's Rafting Trip through the Grand Canyon

Sixteen people.  Seventeen days. Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon March 2014. The very best reason for traveling by river is the access provided to amazing, otherwise-difficult to-get-to-places.  Other best reasons  are…

Rafting in the Cold is Fun!

We often get questions about the weather when people call about rafting. In the early and late part of the season we get more of those questions.So far in March this year we have had low temperatures in the teens and high temps in the…

The Arts at Blue Heron Whitewater

Western North Carolina is home to many talented artists and we at Blue Heron Whitewater are lucky enough to know many of them. Many are guides and some are on our staff.